Artist’s Statement

I have a deep fascination with birds and animals and the vast majority of my work is centered around them. I strive to capture the individual’s uniqueness of expression and appearance. My artwork is portrayed in a photorealistic style and spans a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, and oil. I frequently explore new mediums and I embrace the challenges in my artworks.

When I’m not working on animal portraits, I create human portraits and botanical works as well as commissioned portraits of pets, humans, and architecture for clients across the United States.

My works have been featured at these locations:

John James Audubon Center in Audubon, PA

Arts Council of Princeton in Princeton, NJ

Belmar Arts Center in Belmar, NJ

Monmouth Museum

Artworks Trenton

Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ

Many shows and galleries in the Tri-state area

I am an active member of these organizations:

Arts Council of Princeton

Artworks Trenton

AOY (formerly Artists of Yardley)

New Jersey Watercolor Society

Garden State Watercolor Society.

There is nothing that inspires me more than the natural world and the rich complexities of the lives that inhabit it. I strive, with every piece, to convey the uniqueness of the subject and the unflinching beauty of our temporary existence. I am deeply concerned about threats to the existence of both animals and humans, which is why I am committed to doing what I can to preserve animal species. It is my goal, as an artist, to use my skills to create a connection between the viewer and the subject.

Laura Beard